1st Time Buyer Deals, Steals and Traps: You can get a great deal, if you know where to look. (Pocket Guide of Real Estate Secrets)

Published on January 23, 2019

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The Ultimate Guide to Help Buyers Find Hidden Deals on Homes That The Average Person Doesn’t Know Exist.
If you or someone you love are buying a 1st home, there are 2 paths you can follow. You can go the customary route, look around the internet, find an agent, bid on a house when you find the right one, and hope you don’t have competing offers.
Or, you can buy this and really get a fantastic deal. In this pocket guide, you’re shown the conventional way of buying a home while using the least amount of cash. You’re also shown how to get the best interest rate. Beyond that, we’re going to show you exactly how to negotiate a fantastic deal, even if you are shy. You will also learn how to buy foreclosures at an auction when you don’t have the cash. You’ll be shown how to find houses that are not listed on the market, when to find them and how to be the only one making an offer. You’ll learn how to beat other buyers to the best deals, and how to negotiate them down to the lowest price. When you’re the only bidder, you have more room to negotiate and not get into a bidding frenzy. You’re also not stuck looking at the same boring listed houses that other buyers have already passed up. You’ll also learn what fees can be cut and how to keep thousands of dollars in your pocket. Reducing the interest rate can also save you ten thousand dollars or more. You’ll see how to do that too. You’ll also learn what to avoid. There are traps for buyers, like un approved short sales, that suck the money from your bank account. There are foreclosure traps to avoid too. You’ll learn how to avoid them. You’ll also learn how to use little cash to buy foreclosures, short sales, estate sales, and fixer uppers. You’ll learn how to get the seller to pay your costs, so that all your money can go into your equity. You’ll also learn where to find little known 1st time buyer programs that still exist, and how to get them. Some states have 1st time buyer bonds that save you even more cash and some that even lower your interest rate. You’ll also learn that a 1st time buyer is someone who hasn’t owned a house in 3 years. You could have owned before and still be considered a 1st time buyer.
In short, if you’re a 1st time buyer, or even buying again, this pocket guide will save you thousands of dollars, and help you find the perfect house, even if it’s hidden from other buyers and their agents, and you’ll know how to negotiate the best deal on them, no matter what type of personality you have.
So if you’re ready to get a great deal on your 1st house, this is the only guide you need.
Feel free to loan this to anyone, and they’ll thank you.