50 Ways to Avoid Power Struggles With Children – Positive Time-Out by Dr. Jane Nelsen

Published on November 27, 2008

http://www.PositiveDiscipline.com – Jane Nelsen talks about her book Positive Time-Out and how parents and teachers can avoid power struggles at home and in the classroom. There are 50 ways to avoid power struggles with your children in this book but there are thousands more once you understand the basic problem we create when we make discipline about power and control. We cannot control every action of another human being unless we use force, fear and threats. And, yes, those tactics do work in the short run but once you turn your back or leave your child alone control is gone. It’s much more effective to teach our children to monitor and control themselves. Positive Discipline is an approach that teaches parents positive and effective ways of getting our children to be responsible for themselves. There are some parenting experts who advocate a “time-out place”, a “time-out box” or some other designated area where a child can go and “think about” what they just did. Unfortunately, this just doesn’t work but Positive Time-Out does. Learn the difference in this enlightening presentation by Dr. Jane Nelsen. She shows parents how to teach our children to use their “rational brain.” She shows frustrated parents that there are so many options to ineffective parenting methods if you only know where to find them! Positive Time-Out is a book rich with refreshing, positive, and time-tested tactics for getting our children to listen better. Jane Nelsen shows how easy it is to give our children positive choices so that defensiveness and power struggles that arise during the heat of a difficult situation don’t have to escalate and cause more pain than the original incident may have. In less than seven minutes, this video will show you several amazingly simple ways to guide your children towards making better choices without force, threats, or negative aspects of “time-out.” Positive Time-Out gives parents and teachers the tools they need to build positive relationships with children while eliminating power struggles. Positive Discipline is a non-punitive approach that works over the long term not just the short term. Positive Discipline helps parents and teachers become aware of what their children are thinking, feeling and deciding. Teachers- If you want to change how your classroom responds to the many challenges facing teachers, learn how Positive Time-Out can help. Visit her site to get your FREE Parenting Guide. Dr. Nelsen is a parenting expert who has written 19 books on parenting. Dr. Nelsen resides in the San Diego area and is available nationwide for keynote addresses, parenting workshops, teacher training workshops and media interviews on any topic related to parenting. http://www.PositiveDiscipline.com.