A Feather in the Rain: A Texan Western From Award-Winning Author Alex Cord

Published on February 11, 2017

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“I thoroughly enjoyed reading A Feather in the Rain. I felt a real affinity with the characters and hope to one day see this book as a motion picture.”

Harrison Ford, actor

Alex Cord novel is ablaze with passion

Alex Cord has starred in more than 30 movies and 300 television shows, often portraying men of grit and toughness. As a boy, he was stricken with polio and confined to a hospital. As a young man, he made a living as a professional bull rider on the rodeo circuit, once landing in a pile of broken bones that led to another lengthy stay in a hospital. Nothing, however, could prepare him to deal with the tragic loss of his son Damien Zachary.

“I went into a major depression,” explains Cord. “Nothing in my life seemed to have any value, any purpose.” He says he pulled the covers over his head, both literally and figuratively, unable to deal with the heartache. “I came to understand the weight of the phrase, …died of a broken heart.” He dragged himself out of bed one day, determined to write down his memories of Zach. But what began as a cathartic writing exercise soon blossomed into full-blown novel, A Feather in the Rain.

The story begins by telling of Jesse Burrell, a Texas rancher and horseman who had buried his son. Disconsolate, Jesse’s love and lust for life went fallow. Determined to never again experience the heartache of loss, this trail-hardened cowboy chose a self-imposed lonely and celibate existence. With great effort, he managed to struggle through the motions of his life, running a ranch and occasionally winning awards in cutting horse competitions (although the ultimate dream of a Futurity championship eluded him.) That was how his life was, and that was how it seemed destined to remain.

Then through a chance encounter, he meets a beautiful young woman, her own heart shattered by the death of her brother. They immediately see in each other a kindred spirit. Their explosive love affair will set readers’ hearts ablaze with empathy and passion.

“Of course, I know where the initial idea for the story came from,” confesses Cord, “but a lot of it? Well, the story just took on a life of its own.” Cord is a private man, not given to explaining where the line is that divides fiction from fact in his latest book.

A Feather in the Rain is Cord’s second novel. The first-Sandsong-was published by Warner Books and has been optioned for a feature film production. He has also written and sold three screenplays.

Ernest Borgnine, Academy Award-winning actor, says of A Feather in the Rain, “Alex has written one of the finest love stories I’ve ever read.”