Alan Yip Seminar at Sekolah Ciputra Nov 21, 2015

Published on December 3, 2015

Very last Saturday Nov 21, 2015, a parenting Pro from Singapore, Alan Yip arrived to Ciputra Corridor to share some advices to our moms and dads. This time he done a Seminar themed “Unleash Creative Genius in Your Child”. From how actively participants took notes and how warmly they approached him with their thoughts at the stop of the communicate, it is clear that they attained a great deal from the session and they cared a great deal about their baby(ren). It is this form of parents’ instruction and High Contact that is so important in today’s High Tech earth. And our school is giving this precious company and connection for our moms and dads by way of this Seminar. If you would like to have SUMMARY of the Seminar be sure to open the school internet site:

Courtesy of Surabaya Tv