Andrew Bartzis – LMLD – Creating Sacred Ceremony like a Child, Sacred Sexuality, Healing and more

Published on January 31, 2019

Welcome to today’s Living the Mystical Life Daily webcast!

In today’s Living the Mystical Life Daily (pre-recorded), Andrew talks about our personal discipline and how nothing happens unless we take the ball and run with it. Not only by spiritual awakening and practice born of co-dependency on another teacher, guru, leader, etc, etc, (including Andrew), but by taking the reins ourselves, applying what we learn, taking our power back, and co-creating this life with the divine power that we have. This conversation is centered around the Solstice of December 21st, 2017, but is timeless in its significance and application.

Moving onward, Andrew takes 3 calls posing the question of what you are doing to celebrate the Solstice, which moves into some great discussions on dealing with Mayan lineage, moontime energy and the relationship to sexuality, empowering ourselves through our job, semantic release through cranial sacral therapy in relation to sexual trauma, creating sacred sexuality, and using the ‘out loud name it to claim it’ system to remove family crest projections affecting everything down to the DNA.

And all of this is presented to you in the classic sacred neutral light heartedness by Andrew. Sit, back, relax with a hot or cold beverage depending on where you are and get ready to learn.

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