Ashley Framed Prints Mountain Home In Tucson Arizona, Wall Art Home Decoration, Sepia, 26×30 (frame size), Rustic Barn Wood Frame, AG5451154

Published on June 14, 2018

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SUPPORT ARTISTS! This special piece from Ashley Art Studio features work from an independent artist, we believe in supporting artists and a portion of this sale is shared with the artist.

This framed print from Ashley Art Studio is designed to beautify many different spaces in your home.

The wood of the frame and high quality matte that surrounds the artwork have been selected by our curation staff to be of the utmost quality with the intent for it to last for generations.

The art is printed on museum quality archival paper made with a unique process which helps enhance the colors in a way that helps the art realize the true tones from the first moment it was captured. The print is a giclee made with 12 inks. Most printers use only 3 colors but our premium process of giclee prints use 12 colors to reach unrivaled quality.

Our many pieces like this one are created by independent artists who receive a portion of each sale – so when you buy this beautiful piece you are helping to support an artist.

About the art: Mountain home in Tucson Arizona

Mountain home in Tucson Arizona
Outer dimensions of the frame are 26 inches by 30 inches, the frame is two inches thick around, the matte is 3 inches and the art print itself measures 16 inches by 20 inches.
MUSEUM QUALITY two inch wide satin finished black/ebony wood with clear acrylic glass, soft white matte and giclee print mounted on acid free backing, this incredibly detailed process ensures your work of art is in excellent condition for generations.
MULTIPLE SIZES mean this wonderful work of art can fit almost any room. From 26 inches by 30 inches to as large as 34 inches by 40 inches we offer a vast array of sizes. If you need something larger please contact us on Amazon and we will consider adding it to our catalog.
OTHER MEDIUMS are offered by Ashley Art Studio for this work of art. Message us for more details or search Amazon. We offer it framed with many size and frame choices, on high quality canvas, as a heavy weight giclee print that you can take to your local frame shop for custom framing as well as beautifully vibrant metal panels.