Bad Credit No Credit Ok Windless Swooper Tall Feather Banner Flag (3ft x 11.5ft) by The Flag Depot

Published on March 1, 2019

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We carry two types of flags; Swooper Flutter and Swooper Windless

Our Swooper Flutter flags have a partial sleeve. The top 12 inches of the flag are free to flutter in the wind creating movement to attract attention.

Our Swooper Windless flags have a full sleeve. The sleeve allows the flag to remain open, constantly displaying the message.


approximately 3 feet wide by 11.5 feet tall

made of a heavy duty knitted polyester

printed with 90% bleed through

one-sided printing with mirror image on the back side

PLEASE NOTE : If you currently own a flagpole, please purchase the matching flag type. The flag will not display correctly if the flag and the flagpole do not match because the two types of flags are shaped differently at the top end. If you need a flagpole, please contact us to inquire about our universal hybrid flagpole.3 ft wide x 11.5 ft tall
flags made from durable knitted polyester
one sided printed with mirror image on back
many designs available for all industries