Barbie Play-Doh Costume to Look Like a Man Disney Frozen Hans DisneyCarToys Barbie Dollhouse

Published on March 11, 2019

DisneyCarToys Barbie Play-Doh man costume mustache and hair One Of The Guys episode. Barbie and princess doll go in disguise with play-doh costume to look like a guy. Barbie and Vera hang out in Barbie’s dream house dollhouse with her Glam Vanity and Glam Dining Room set. Disney Frozen Hans doll and a vintage Ken doll, Kenton come to the dollhouse and Barbie gets mad that her exboyfriend is hanging with Frozen Prince Hans. Barbie and the hispanic Disney Princess Vera dress up with Play Doh beards and Playdough mustaches to look like men.

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This video features my vintage Barbie Dolls and Barbie Furniture Glam Vanity.

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