Confessions of a Credit Junkie: Everything You Need to Know to Avoid the Mistakes I Made

Published on August 27, 2017

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Must-read advice for getting out of debt from a personal finance expert who’s been there—and lived to tell the tale.

Nationally recognized credit card expert and former CPA Beverly Harzog has helped thousands of consumers dig out from under mountains of debt. Decoding confusing terms and untangling acronyms, she shows readers how to take control of their finances—and their futures.

Speaking from experience—even Harzog got caught up in the temptation of shiny credit-card offers and “free” money, ending up with more than $20,0000 in debt spread across several cards—the financial guru has written a painless, down-to-earth, plain-talk guide to avoiding common debt pitfalls. Harzog candidly details her own credit-card mishaps, as well as how she paid off her debt in two years, and offers easy-to-follow advice, often with a touch of Southern humor. In this book, you’ll learn:

  • how to use Harzog’s Credit Card Personality Quiz to choose the right credit card;
  • the seven ways to use a credit card to rebuild your credit;
  • how to get out of debt using a balance transfer credit card—and pay zero interest while doing it;
  • and strategies to save a bundle on groceries, gas, and more.

Whether you’re carrying a boatload of debt, have only missed a payment here and there, or are just getting started building a credit history, Confessions of a Credit Junkie will help you gain the tools you need to begin your road to financial health.  

“Beverly Harzog is a credit warrior. She has gone into the arena, faced the lions, and emerged as one of the foremost experts in the field. I believe that her encyclopedic knowledge of the world of credit cards is unmatched.” —Adam Levin, chairman and cofounder of