Credit Dispute Letter Bible: Credit Rating and Repair Book

Published on October 13, 2018

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Credit Repair Credit Dispute letter Bible

Have you read any of these other credit repair books? I have read almost all of them. Most should be filed in the fiction section of Amazon.
Seriously I know most of these people have no idea what they are talking about. It’s like someone got something deleted from their report and they are experts.
I first started working in the credit business many years ago. My first job was working as a loans officer for a national bank. My job was to get financing for people with very shaky credit.
Much of my pay was commission based. This really drove me to help people get the loans they needed. The only way to do this was to rapidly increase their credit score.
At first this seemed impossible but after a chance encounter with a man named Tom Bradley things started to change.
Tom worked at a national credit bureau and we met at a business convention about mortgages.
Tom showed me many techniques on Rapid Rescoring and Quick Credit Repair Techniques.
Me and Tom stayed in touch and a few years before he retired he got me a job at his credit bureau. When I first got there I was very surprised at how high up in the company he was. He took me under his wing and that’s when school got kicked into high gear.
We worked 9 hour days and every second Saturday. Talk about a lesson on the credit industry. He showed me things that would be the difference between someone losing their house or not. It was very powerful stuff.
I could go on and on here about my experience working as a credit bureau manager or how I was a loans officer for 6 years but I won’t bore you with all the details.
This really is not about me anyways. It’s about you and your credit. You can choose to believe me or not.
But here are some things to consider
1)I am a real person, with my book I include my phone number and email.
2)Don’t ever (like all these books tell you) get your free report from This gives the bureau’s 45 days to respond instead of 30 days.
3)When you get your report Opt out of the mandatory arbitration agreement or you are already starting to lose the game.
4)Your credit dispute has been OUTSOURCED TO INDIA.
5)My book was updated in 2016 not some old stuff these books try to tell you will work.
For the cost of a few overpriced Starbucks Frappuccino’s I am going to sit down with you through my book and give you the real deal. You will learn how to beat the system legally. See you on the other side.