Credit Score Repair 101: The only credit score guide that you will ever need.: Get that new car, apply for mortgage and make all future credit endeavours possible

Published on April 7, 2017

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The only Credit Score Repair Guide you’ll ever need!

Your credit score is your financial report card. This eBook is a must to know how to improve your credit – and get that car or a mortgage!

Your credit rating is an indication of how well you can manage your money. It tells the financial world how ‘creditworthy’ you are, and at what level of credit risk you stand. This eBook is all you need to enhance your credit rating and cut your bad credit – so that you can quite simply position yourself better for the future!

You are as good as your credit score!

How do banks and financial institutions assess you? Through your credit score! The higher your score, the better your strike rate with them!

Your credit rating holds the key to a secure future. And improved credit scores mean lesser hassles and easier access to mortgages. To get your finances back on track, your overall credit rating is extremely critical. This eBook gives you little known tips and tricks to shoot up your credit score – starting this minute! Get hold of it now!

Between 300 and 850, where do you stand?

350 is rock bottom and 850 is top of the heap. Wherever you feature on this ladder, this eBook helps you climb higher!

Your credit score is the thermometer of your financial health – the higher your reading, the hotter you are! Every transaction of yours affects your rating, positively or negatively. How to add the plusses and subtract the minuses? Today, every authority and institution – even prospective employer – seeks your credit report. Upgrade yourself and shine in front of them – this eBook reveals all the secrets!