Cry It Out for a 4 Month Old?

Published on November 17, 2018

Many parents wonder at what age they can start sleep training their baby, and specifically at what age the CYI method is allowed. Get your answers in this video, and find out the easiest way to sleep train your baby of any age!

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Hi! I’m Jilly from Baby Sleep Made Simple.

In this video, I’m answering a question sent in by a tired mom, on our Facebook Live Q&A Call. I hope you enjoy it!

“At what age can I sleep train from? Can I use the Cry It Out Method with my 4 month old baby?”

In my program, 21 Days to Peace and Quiet, I work directly with parents and get their babies sleeping well. If you consider all the steps you have to do to get your baby sleeping really well – going from Crazy Town, to sleeping through the night super easy.

In my program, we focus on about 75% of those steps to get your baby sleeping really well. We focus on creating a consistent, healthy sleep foundation for your baby. We work on bedtime. We work on getting a Peaceful Nightly Ritual started. We work on things you can start doing now, during the day and during the night, that will help your baby sleep better.

But before we even talk about whether you might need to do Cry It Out, or if you might need to do a more gentle form or sleep training, we really separate the steps out. It takes a little bit longer – not too much longer – a few days.

What we find is that when you take the time to set up this healthy sleep foundation, then by the time we get to that last bit – teaching your baby to fall asleep at bedtime – it goes a LOT easier!

If you wanted to, you could sign up for the free Exhausted Mom’s Survival Kit. I’ll walk you through some of those first steps of setting up the healthy sleep foundation. Those steps can often improve your baby’s sleep straight away, which is great!

And then, you’ll get to the point where if you choose to do Cry It Out, you can. Like I said, it will go a lot quicker. Your baby will tend to cry less.

The guys who wrote the book on Cry It Out are Dr Ferber and Dr Weissbluth. They both recommend that you can do these methods starting at 4 months old. You can certainly find that if you go into any Facebook Sleep Training group, you see a lot of parents that use crying methods for babies as young as 4 months old.

If you want to do it and you feel like that’s the right method for your baby, just know that you are supported by the guys who wrote the book. You’re supported by a lot of parents online who are using these sorts of methods at 4 months old.

But I do recommend that if you take just a few days to set up a healthy sleep foundation for your baby, that can go a lot easier.