Every Degree Debt Free: How to Pay for College & Graduate School Without Loans: How I Did It. How Any Student Can Do It. And Why It’s Worth It.

Published on January 8, 2019

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This isn’t a book about school. It’s a book about money and setting young people up for long-term success.

I wanted to go to college and I wanted to go to law school—but I didn’t want to take out loans, and my parents couldn’t help. So, I engineered a battle plan to cash flow both.

Student loans in America are completely out of control. Our culture blindly endorses the notion that students who desire an education are required to submit to decades worth of debt. But this is a premise I was simply unwilling to accept—even if it meant delivering pizzas, mowing thousands of lawns, obtaining a real estate license, learning how to sweep chimneys, and a slew of other exploits.

We have encouraged a generation to pursue a good thing in a bad way, which for many has yielded devastating results. It is possible to obtain a degree—at any level—without loans.

It’s time to disrupt the system of higher education in America.