Feeleye Remote Control Battle Robot,APP(Android and iOS) Remote Control Desktop Boxing Robots for Kids

Published on January 11, 2019

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Scan QR code of Mech Cavalry,And you can find the APP named “Mech Cavalry”from Apple Store and Google Play Store.
Mobile version required:Android 4.3 above Mobile version and IOS 8.0 above Mobile version.
Open your phone’s Bluetooth and the APP “Mech Cavalry”,then turn on the switch of the robot.Enter the app page,search and connect your robot via Bluetooth.
You can choose your Robotic team:RED robot and BLUE robot.
Before the battle begins,you can set the robot’s sensitivity,Go into battle,Swing up and down your phone,The robot will rotate and select the direction,
You can move your robot through the gravity-sensing steering wheel and rocker.
④Four battle modes:
LASER BEAM:click to launch,resulting in medium damage to opponets,every 10 shots need to be reload.
REFLECTIVE SHIELD:stop and reflect the beam from oppoents.
DESTROY CANNON:click to fire,causing minor damage and then briefly losing control after launching.
PARTICLE GUN:long press to launch,cause high damage and require cooling time after launching.
The upper left corner of the app control page shows the Robot’s blood volume,It will change according to your battle situation,When one of the blood volume is zero,
It’s failed,and you have to restart and connect the robot,Only in this way can we start over.
The upper right corner of the app control page shows the Robot’s Electricity,When the power is low please connect the charging cable,and you can change a new No. 5 rechargeable lithium battery.

1×RED robot
1×BLUE robot
2×charging cables
2×Personlized stickers
2×Robot rubber foot pad

Battery Lifespan:25 min
Remote Control:10m(Free Space)
Battery Capacity:850mAh
Attack Range:2m
Cell Voltage:3.7vAPP Control:A pair of unbelievable intelligent device-controlled fighting robots,It can be fierce operation by your smart device control(Androic &IOS device).
Easy to operate:After connect the Bluetooth, you can achieve every perfect action through the Robot APP,It can complete every perfect combat action Through its own balance gyroscope include.
Safely chargeing:The battery is built into the robot,It allows the robot to work for an hour,When the robot is no power, you can charge it with a charging cable.
Design innovation:It is novelty and real design,It can sparkle different colors of light with the music.
Safely packaging:there have a red robot and a bule robot in the box,and have two usb charging cable and creative stickers and user’s Guide.