Five Criteria for Positive Discipline With Parenting Expert Dr. Jane Nelsen

Published on October 17, 2008 – Dr. Jane Nelsen explains The Five Criteria for Positive Discipline in this brief video. Dr. Nelsen gives parents non-punitive parenting tools. Behavior challenges, temper tantrums, difficult children, strong willed child, disciplining children are all topics of concern for today’s busy parent. So how do you learn to get your child to be responsible, respectful, and happy without resorting to punishment, lists of rules, screaming and yelling or other ineffective discipline tactics? Simply learn the Five Criteria for Positive Discipline. In this brief video, Jane Nelsen explains the foundation of Positive Discipline. These principles are timeless and extremely helpful. They don’t take a lot of time for any parent to learn and they can be practiced right now, today! Positive Discipline is not about permissiveness. Positive Discipline is not about punishment. Positive Discipline is not about control and power. So what is Positive Discipline? Positive Discipline is both Kind and Firm at the same time. Positive Discipline helps children feel a sense of Belonging and Significance. Positive Discipline is a non-punitive approach that works over the long term not just the short term. Positive Discipline helps parents become aware of what their children are thinking, feeling and deciding. There are more parenting tips in this video and tons more on Dr. Nelsen’s website, Visit her site to get your FREE Parenting Guide. Dr. Nelsen is a parenting expert who has written 19 books on parenting. She is available for keynote addresses, parenting workshops and media interviews on any topic related to parenting.