Gardening Crops Organic

Published on December 22, 2017

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Check out this new connecting the dots game! With amazing features and sounds! Have a lot of fun with friends and family sharing your experience and your scores with others.
To play Gardening Crops Organic you just drag your finger linking the elements of the same color, the longer the connection, the higher the score! Check out the different modes, try the rush mode challenging your skills against the clock! Amaze yourself and others of what you can do! Just Link the dots and win! The more dots you get, the higher your score.
Don’t feel like Alice in Wonderland, you can find your way by connecting the items! Imagine how easy it is! Connect the objects! Each color glows when you touch it, and don’t miss out on our Rush Mode! Extremely addicting mode! Go against time and win over and over again! And whats best than a totally free game to play wherever you are! Yes, wherever you are! You don’t need internet access to play, no wifi needed! No credit cards! Only one finger to drag the line across your screen and thats it! Start having fun and enjoying this original and incredibly simple yet addicting game on your mobile!
This puzzle game will blow your mind! The longer the loop the higher your score !! Drag your finger linking the most elements you can. Play against the clock and yourself by increasing shooting your score with explosions of fun. Become the very best with your friends and family and share with others after each match! No wifi needed, you don’t need internet access to play! Enjoy this astounding puzzle game for free! Everyone can play! All ages from toddlers to adults… Fun for everyone!