Geo Trax Bayshore Drawbridge Deluxe Playpack with Bonus Rail Track

Published on December 2, 2017

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This gift set is loaded with all kinds of fun. Includes 4 complete sets in 1. Bayshore Drawbridge with Sailboat; Ocean Cargo Transport; Freightway Transport; Rail Track Pack plus BONUS 3-car train and 8 extra pieces of track. Perfect as a starter set or add-on to your existing GeoTrax world. NO batteries required! Promotes good old-fashioned imaginative play. Compatible with all GeoTrax systems and accessories.4 Sets in 1 Bayshore Drawbridge – Freightway Transport – Ocean Cargo Transport – 3-Car push train – Rail Track Pack – Bonus track
Compatible with all GeoTrax Sets and Accessories
Drawbridge dings as the bridge span is manually raised
Crossing gates raise and lower with the bridge span
Great starter set or add-on to your GeoTrax world!