How to Fix Fix Errors on Your Credit Report After Your Requests Have Failed

Published on September 15, 2017

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What to Do When Credit Bureaus Ignore Your Credit Report Dispute. You have tried and tried to get errors fixed on your credit report — this is the solution on how to use the leverage of small claims court to get results. It’s how I sued Citicorp and American Express — and won! For people that have been victims of identity theft, this may be your last option to get your credit cleared because you will finally get the attention of the people who can override company policy and remove errors from your credit report. If you want to keep writing letters, making calls and get no results, then DON’T read this book. But if you want the ultimate solution to eradicate false, erroneous, misleading or bad wording or terminology from your credit report and finally get action from the credit bureaus, then download now! You will finally learn that the fix will be from your creditor and not the credit bureaus and how to get the creditor to act now.