How to Overcome a Mountain of Debt: The Fastest Way Possible Using Minimum Payments You’re Already Making

Published on November 21, 2017

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This is a nuts-and-bolts guide to setting up your own personal debt elimination plan that you can start today. It provides a basic understanding of the components of debt, reasons for getting out of debt, and steps to take for you, the reader, as you look at your own debts in order to get ideas on how to apply a basic payment “roll-up” procedure to more quickly eliminate them. As part of the guide, there is a debt elimination example that illustrates the process using a sample of typical debts. It shows the comparison between paying the minimum payment separately for each debt throughout their term and the results of a roll-up payment strategy. The reader can take the information presented and apply it to their debts and payment schedule. The illustration demonstrates how time and interest can be saved by implementing simple strategies. It explains some fundamentals about credit card payments and how to read an amortization table which will empower you to leverage your payment strategy for maximum effectiveness of your payoff plan. There is also information to help the reader look at some debts they might have that would not benefit from this strategy.