How to Parent: How to Discipline—With Love Cartoon by Haven Boggs

Published on October 16, 2012 “turning good parents into GREAT parents,” Hi parents, my name is Haven Boggs, I share the secrets on how to get kids to cooperate and increase the love in your family at the same time. This episode discusses, ” How to Discipline—With Love?” Having a parenting coach is key—the coach takes some of the heat off the parents, allows you to solve problems, avoid parenting mistakes, helps update the rules and establish limits, helps get the family running smoothly, and at the same time, a parenting coach helps increase the teamwork and love in your home so your kids grow up into young men and young women who make a positive difference in the world. Most parents have very little time at home with their kids. I show you how to use your time wisely to increase both the cooperation and love in your home. Go to for your free gift.