Jumbo Counting Bears Matching Game – Montessori Fine Motor Learning Toys for 2 Year Olds with Stacking Cups, 60 Preschool Math Manipulatives, 2 Toddler Games Dice, Toy Storage & Activities eBook

Published on May 19, 2019

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ENCOURAGES CHILDREN TO USE THEIR MINDS – Children today rely too much on technology so it’s always beneficial to play with toys and focus on hands on, interactive fun that requires thinking skills.

BUILDS CONFIDENCE – Once all the bears are sorted, children are so proud of their accomplishments which increases their belief and self confidence in themselves.

These Educational toys for toddlers also can be used as BAKING TOYS FOR KIDS.

SPEND QUALITY TIME WITH YOUR KIDS – Make Rainbow Cupcakes for fun in the kitchen before or after learning to count, sort and manipulate the rainbow counting bears. Don’t forget to wash the baking cups after cooking!

60 Rainbow Counting Bears (1.25″ x .75″)
6 Matching Rainbow Cups – for sorting and for baking too! (3″)
1 Color Dice (1.5″)
1 Number Dice (1.5″)
1 Travel Tote (10″ x 3″)
1 Learning Activities Ebook – download after purchase

BPA Free, Latex Free, Washable & Safe for All Ages

COLORS TO LEARN: red, orange, yellow, green, blue and purple

PARENTS, TEACHERS & HOMESCHOOLING – Use these pre k learning materials to build a strong foundation which helps develop early math skills, sharing, taking turns, cooperation, independent play and more.

ORDER NOW TO GET THE PERFECT GIFT FOR EVERY TODDLER!BABY ACTIVITY CENTER | BABY STACKING TOYS: Sorting bears with cups offers guidance in the early stages of visual perception. These educational toys and montessori toys for 1 year old allows children to focus their attention on the movement and placement of objects as they become aware of balance, coordination and gravity. These stackable toddler toys and color sorting toys for toddlers make the perfect gift for toddler learning.
TODDLER LEARNING TOYS FOR 2 YEAR OLDS: These toddler manipulatives are early learning resources, toddler sorting toys and educational toys for toddlers which are designed to stimulate learning. These Montessori toys for 2 year old and stacking toys for 1 year old are perfect sorting bears for toddler activities such as learning colors. The sorting toy and jumbo counting bears with stacking cups is a memory game, bear color sorter and can be sensory toys for toddlers and toddler girl toys.
GAMES FOR PRESCHOOLERS | COUNTING, SORTING & KIDS MATCHING GAME ACTIVITIES: These color sorting toys for toddlers help children notice how things are alike and different. The jumbo rainbow counting bears with matching sorting cups instruct and promote learning for preschool. Matching and sorting with the bear color sorter and preschool learning toys solidifies children’s understanding of colors and they begin to master cognitive and motor skills with these color matching games for toddlers.
KINDERGARTEN MATH MANIPULATIVES: The jumbo sorting and counting bears help promote the beginning stages of math development through hands-on experience also known as PLAY. Use the game dice to roll then count the bear manipulatives in this cups game. Use these math counters for early math development. These Montessori toys for 2 year olds help little ones learn basic math such as addition and subtraction to advanced math skills such as ten frames, graphing, fractions and base ten.
FINE MOTOR SKILLS are small movements such as picking up small objects and grasping it in their hand and then releasing it. These Jumbo rainbow toy math bears help children build the relationship between the mind and the hands. Let your Montessori toddler explore the world with these Montessori materials, occupational therapy toys and games for 3 year olds. The counting bears are also autism toys, preschool toys, Montessori toys for toddlers and fun toddler games.