Jurassic World Kamigami Indoraptor Robot

Published on May 16, 2018

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Kamigami, the build-it-yourself robotic kit and Jurassic World have come together to create an innovative breed of dinosaur robots— Kamigami Jurassic World Battling Robots! Featuring two of the most popular dinosaurs from the Jurassic World movie, these robots are designed to move like real animals with never-seen-before “bi-pedal” dinosaur-like movements! Build your robot using foldable plastic material that “magically” folds up, program it, and play in Dino Battle mode or free roam and prowl, walk, or race. Download the free app to drive your dinosaur robot, battle with friends, play interactive games, or design, and program your robot’s reactions and movements. You can customize your dinosaur’s behaviors with sound and motion detection triggers, and program attack moves and LED Hologram Skeleton for the ultimate effect. The visual programming interface makes it easy to blink lights, play sounds, and maneuver around obstacles. The app will continually offer new updates and game suggestions, so there’s no room to get bored. Kamigami Jurassic World Battling Robots are the perfect STEM toy because it makes building your own robot easy, yet rewarding— no engineering degree or tools required.Kamigami and Jurassic World make dinosaur robot engineering fun and easy
Features two dinosaurs from the Jurassic World movie; Blue and Indoraptor
Designed to move like real animals with “bi-pedal” dinosaur-like movements
Build your very own dinosaur robot by folding lightweight, flat sheets of durable plastic
Program your robot with easy-to-use interface that puts you in control