Li block select series classic car (japan import) by Book loan

Published on February 11, 2019

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Li block is a block toy in the system blocks that have been developed by the German company LASY, step-by-step to the ideal configuration of toy for the purpose of educational. It enables to make a work of infinite to satisfy the image of the builder, a combination of parts shaft, and wheel, structure and function unique H-shaped block is a basic form of the re-block, to make a work full of variety I can. In addition, there is a charm of the re-block only that play by moving the work which I made, is the perfect toy to nurture enough buds of creativity of children. It is also the educational block has received the recommendation world authority of brain science from the “Kubota competition teacher”. target Gender: unisex
Age: from 3 years
The main production country: Japan