Life Insurance: Basic Guide for Women’s Safety and Self Defense

Published on November 14, 2017

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LeCarlo Beaty has always been into fitness and sports since a young age. Starting in 2007 he has enjoyed training in MMA with focus mainly on BJJ. He started teaching private and semi-private classes a few years ago because he realized that many people mainly women didn’t take the time to learn to defend themselves. In 2014 he began offering women’s self-defense classes as a trainer with Divas in Defense. This book came about as a way to offer information to help women to begin the process of thinking about personal safety. Much of what is discussed is what is shared during classes as well as other conversations with students. THe second reason for the book is to introduce women to physical self-defense techniques. The goal of this book is to help empower and educate people through personal safety and self-defense training. Refuse to be a victim! Be Prepared……Not Scared!!!! LeCarlo Beaty, MBA