Life Insurance Simplified: What You Need to Know (and Why You Didn’t)

Published on May 2, 2018

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Swindled—of their life savings. The hardworking couple thought they were doing what was best for their family. They scraped together the money to buy an expensive life insurance policy from their friendly-faced agent. It would provide enough for the family to live on if the chief breadwinner died unexpectedly. They didn’t read the insurance policy because it was complicated and long and the agent’s explanations were reassuring. The well-intentioned agent himself didn’t understand everything about the policy but repeated the phrases he was trained to use to sell the most expensive policies that earned him the biggest commissions. Like all life insurance companies, the large national corporation the agent represented sells both good-value insurance policies, for those who know the difference, and rip-offs—for those who don’t. The couple sacrificed to pay large premiums for a policy with high-sounding advantages promised by the agent. They didn’t realize the death benefit they would receive was not a penny more than what a much less expensive policy would have given them. Their story is like too many others. To keep your story from being like theirs is the purpose of this book. Dick Bodwell has spent his successful life as a renegade life insurance agent—or as he calls himself, an “anti-insurance industry insurance agent.” Despite warning thousands of clients for over fifty years against abuses and deception in the industry, he has been the recipient of top sales awards from several of the largest insurance corporations. He has done it by selling people the products they need rather than ones that would earn him the biggest commissions. Even today, relatively few understand how life insurance really works. Dick has teamed with his son Gregory, a Ph.D. historian and attorney, to bring you this simple guide to truths that may save you a fortune.