Lightahead Musical Xylophone Caterpillar a Pulling Toy for Children & Toddlers

Published on January 12, 2018

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Lightahead® dragging caterpiller, a pulling toy for toddlers and kids. Lovely outlook; Sway function; Beat the music function; Dragging function. Caterpillar’s head can be rotated. When you are dragging the string, the caterpillar will go swaying with nods. Colorful chips on the back of the caterpillar that can be used as a Xylophone to make a ringing sound of Music . The tentacles are beating sticks. 5 smooth wheels make the caterpillar move well. Material: ABS+PP. Please note that the actual product color may vary from the picture.Dragging Caterpillar toy with Sway function; Beat to the Music function; Dragging function
Moves ,Sway’s & Nods when you are dragging the string,
5 smooth wheels make the caterpillar move easily.Please use Adult Supervision when playing with toy.
Tentacles are beating sticks for the Xylophone
Great birthday, Holiday gift, Educational toy for children.