Managing Student Loan Debt With Nickels & Dimes (eBook- 2): Former U.S. Department of Education (“DOE”) Contract Employee Gives Outstanding Informational … and Understanding on Student Loan Matters

Published on April 15, 2018

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From former U.S. Department of Education (“DOE”) contractor T.A. Nichols comes this unmatched how-to self-help book series on managing your student loan debt with nickels & dimes. T.A. Nichols was a part of the management team at one of the top firms that handled collections of student loans on behalf of the U.S. Department of Education (“DOE”), where she most recently spent the last 6 years working in the garnishment division. She thoroughly knows all of the ins-and-outs of the student loan process, especially the back-end side of the student loan life-cycle – dealing with student loan delinquency and default situations and working to get student loans paid-off. The information that she provides goes over student loans from the beginning to the end, including small simple things (such as when to apply, how to complete the FAFSA, not signing for a bad loan deal) to help you avoid getting into bad student loan situations at the start of your post-secondary education journey (whether it be college or trade-school), to how to work to get out of bad situations (employment wage garnishment and/or federal tax refund seizure) after you have left school (graduated or not). So unlikely many others who have written books about dealing with student loan debt from their personal experiences, T.A. Nichols in this book series is telling how to handle your student loan situations and breaking things down into simple explanations so that you clearly and easily understand the different nuances, details, statuses, and situations of your student loan from the knowledge and experiences of an insider at one of the top contracted collections companies of student loan debt. This is the best book series on student loan debt. You simply will not find a better book on this topic.