Masters Premium Hand-Made Mahogany Shove Ha’Penny Board

Published on April 3, 2019

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We believe that these Shove Ha’penny boards are the best quality that are presently available anywhere. This version of Shove Hapenny is made from an African hardwood of the Mahogany family using two or more planks of solid timber beautifully finished and varnished to a allow the smooth running of coins. Hand-made in Britain by a traditional craftsman.

The beds are delineated with grooves running across the board. Therefore disputes involving coins that are just touching a line can be resolved by running a straight edge (e.g. a credit card) down the groove. If the coin moves, it was not within the bed!

The board is therefore also suitable for competitions and tournaments.

Although not shown in the picture, the board does have a wooden retaining bar fixed to its underside that wedges against the table to prevent the board from moving about when in play.

Each board comes complete with a set of 5 un-smoothed ha’pennies. They work as they are but some people like to smooth them with emery cloth to make them glide better. Chalk is not included. Comes with rules.

Approx. dimensions: 21.7x13x1.6 inch. Board thickness: 1.3 inch

Made in Britain

Product Ref.: 001621

Venerable game of Shove Ha’penny – pub game going back to the middle ages in Britain
Fun for all ages played at home but also played competitively in pubs in England
Beautiful solid Mahogany wood board hand-made in England by a local craftsman