Mindscope Neo Tracks Twister Tracks 258 Flexible Track System Black Friday 20% Discount

Published on March 11, 2019

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Neo Tracks Flexible Assembly Track System contains 258 total pieces: 228 flexible track pieces (11 FEET, 5 colors, sheets of 20), 1 motorized car (requires 1 AA battery, not included), bridge & more. Ages 3-Adult. Collect more and build bigger! Compatible with Mindscope Twister Tracks.Includes 228 pieces of Flexible track and one 4×4 Vehicle (1 AA Battery Not Included)
Detachable and attachable track in five bright colors, configurable track.
Track comes in sheets of 1 foot for simple assembly. Tested & Safe Ages 3-Adult.
Compatible with Mindscope Twister Tracks, collect more & build bigger.
Comes with several accessories: bridge, gate & more