MLP: Friendship is Magic – Pinkie Pie’s Party Playlist “The Pony I Want To Be” Audio

Published on July 15, 2016

Listen to Diamond Tiara’s track “The Pony I Want To Be” from Pinkie Pie’ Party Playlist, a new album! Get the music here:
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[Diamond Tiara]

If I’m a diamond
Then why do I feel so rough?
I’m as strong as a stone
Even that’s not enough

There’s something jagged in me
And I’ve made such mistakes
I thought that diamonds were hard
Though I feel I could break

Would you believe
That I’ve always wished I could be somepony else?
Yet I can’t see
What I need to do to be the pony I wanna be

I’ve been told my whole life
What to do, what to say
Nopony showed me that
There might be some better way

And now I feel like I’m lost
I don’t know what to do
The ground is sinking away
I’m about to fall through