MOANA & MAUI Get Married & Have a Baby Funny Barbie & Disney Princess Wedding Parody DisneyCarToys

Published on October 15, 2017

Disney Moana & Maui have a baby and must get married or else Mother Gothel will throw them in jail. Moana and Maui really do have a real wedding this time with cute baby Kauai. Barbie, Disney Princess Merida, Jasmine and Spiderman all oppose the wedding but Moana and Maui get married anyway. They have a funny kiss the bride moment and Barbie freaks out. This Barbie doll parody is by DisneyCarToys.

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DisneyCarToys is a family friendly toy channel. Sandra and Spidey make toy reviews with Sandra’s kids Alex, Ava and Adam. Our channel is known for Barbie Parodies, Cookie Monster and Disney Princess IRL dress up. We are the original creators of the ball pit and balloon pop surprise toy videos.

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This video features the new Moana Disney Princess Toys

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