NCLEX Tips | 3 Common Mistakes to Avoid on the NCLEX Exam | #NCLEX

Published on January 6, 2017

NCLEX tips and strategies on how to avoid 3 common mistakes students make when taking the NCLEX-RN or NCLEX-PN exam. Mistake 1: panicking when they don’t get a certain amount of questions. Most students go into the NCLEX exam hoping to get either 75 or 85 questions because if they don’t get this amount of questions they feel like they “may have” failed the exam. It is normal to receive a random number of questions on the NCLEX. So, if your computer doesn’t shut off at that magic number of questions, keep going and give it your best. Mistake 2: waiting too long to take the exam after graduation. After you graduate nursing school, schedule to take the exam within 1-2 months. The nursing concepts are fresh on your mind and chances are you just got done taking exit exams which primed you for NCLEX. So, don’t wait 6-8 months to schedule the exam…take it soon. Mistake 3: practicing NCLEX questions but not reading the rationales. It is best to study for the NCLEX exam by practicing questions, but you must go back and read the rationales of the questions you got right and wrong, especially the questions you got wrong. Then you need to go back in your study resource and read the areas you don’t understand. Remember NCLEX questions are critical thinking (not fact based) so you need to thoroughly understand the material to pass.
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