Not One Dollar More!: How to Save $3,000 to $30,000 Buying Your Next Home (New 2018 edition)

Published on February 25, 2019

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Almost all homebuyers pay too much for their homes – and never discover their misfortune! After all, who’s going to tell you? Think about it. Since 1995 this book has helped over 100,000 homebuyers to save money, avoid tricks and traps, buy safely the RIGHT home and get true peace of mind.

This book is trusted – because it’s honest. The author, a nationally recognized consumer advocate, has NO ties to any realty company or bank. You get NO sales pitch, NO up-sells, NO add-ons, NO guru seminars, NO ‘free gifts’ that nab your email address.
Just priceless advice.

This latest edition has new chapters on topics that confuse most homebuyers:
How to:
Negotiate persuasively but quietly
Be certain you get the best mortgage
Save thousands in how you repay your home loan
Engage a true agent to guide you through the entire buying process.

American Homeowners Foundation (represents America’s 70m homeowners) said of the first edition: ‘Few book writers can put money into your pocket, here’s one who can!’.

Tony Robbins said: ‘This book is extraordinary!’.

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The risks come from the realty industry’s ‘fogginess’ – and buyer misconceptions. Whether you’re a first-time buyer, newly married, busy parent, property investor, or planning retirement, you’ll have one chance to:
Buy at the lowest price
Get the best home loan
Protect your income into the future
Avoid buying the ‘house from hell’.

REMEMBER, agents pledge to get the highest price for the SELLER. They try to extract this price out of you! Or sell you one of their own double-commission listings – while making it seem like you DON’T need an ally 100% loyal to YOU – in one of the biggest decisions of your life!


Common buyer mistakes: Too little insider know-how, Falling for a bluff, Bending to pressure, Disclosing too much, Not demanding critical assurances – such mistakes can cost you many years of overpaying, many thousands of dollars.

But once again, WHO is going to tell you?

Even ‘Designated Agents’ pledge loyalty to their broker’s financial wellbeing – how can they serve your financial wellbeing at the same time?

The author recounts witnessing an ordinary homebuyer overpay by $100,000 – an exceptional, sad case that led him to write this book.

Become a ‘Smart Buyer’!
Know when you are not being advised in your best interest!

Now you can have the genuine, unbiased guidance you need!

This book shows you how!

Save time, stress and money on your home AND mortgage. For just $21 (ebook $10) it could be the smartest investment in your financial security and long-term peace of mind. Because Not One Dollar More! – packed with know-how homebuyers RARELY learn – is 100% pro-homebuyer!

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You’ll learn from true ‘House for Sale’ stories, real-life case studies, actual examples, and buyer mistakes that teach you and protect you. You’ll get confidence, peace of mind, good decision making, and KEEP lots more dollars in your pocket.

Many consumer advocates described this book as ‘THE BEST!’. It’s like nothing you’ve read. It spells out what you need to KNOW, DO, and SAY – tools, secrets and know-how NO ONE gives you.

How to:
Save thousands by knowing the 5 COSTLIEST buyer mistakes
Unearth hidden traps and nasty surprises BEFORE you commit
Negotiate smartly – make offers powerfully but never look like you’re negotiating
Use any of 6 simple tactics to save money for up to 30 years
Save a fortune on mortgage repayments
Engage a buyer agent who’ll work SOLELY for YOU to get you the best deal.

Buying a home is ALWAYS A RISK! – via agent or FSBO.

This book is a NO-RISK investment.

For $21 – or even just $10 – it could pay you back for decades!

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