Pay attention To Elder’s Information – Panchatantra Tales -(தமிழ் கதைகள்)Tamil Ethical Stories For Youngsters

Published on January 25, 2016

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“Pay attention TO ELDER’S Information”

Panchatantra Tales Animated Ethical Shorter Stories in Tamil:

one.Imagine Prior to You Information – at?v=JYtS8myBbAk
two. Elephant and Mice – at?v=QEbVFQNode8
3. Fox and Cave – at?v=chIcrJHDmUI
4. Do not be Greedy - at?v=bTOkjfzusZ4
5. Crafty Fox – at?v=QKzjEyMAofo
6. Do Not Rely on Anyone – at?v=FxIT5oU_xbc
seven. A Foolish Tortoise – at?v=t0jGJmUHKRY
8. Crow and snake – at?v=RdL22meVmN4
nine. Do not disregard – at?v=OjlhP8z5Kus
10. Guest – at?v=lM3u53TJpL8
11. Foolish crocodile – at?v=M1KF6_9HHHM
12. Snake and mongoose – at?v=2ePV58wSxfI
13. Truth of the matter will hardly ever die – at?v=QBrnTEK9lf0
14. Be with gratitude – at?v=J5fqLcEho0I
15. Do not lie – at?v=J0og9yyeI0M
sixteen. Do not be proud – at?v=j_VKu7zORW0
17. Pay attention to Elders suggestions – at?v=rV_1a3oY0e4
18. Frog and snake – at?v=0lj-pze_I_c

Simply click Listed here TO PLAYLIST (PANCHATANTRA) : at?v=G1LOAdlVNmU&listing=PL2CGFKRt267v9FgyoDpYisVytta1stlEv

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