Peppa Pig Play Doh Camping Sleeping Bags Fire Pit Tent Sleepover Daddy Pig Mummy Pig DisneyCarToys

Published on October 11, 2018

DisneyCarToys Peppa Pig family goes camping but Daddy Pig forgets to pack sleeping bags for Peppa Pig and George. Disney Car Toys shows how to make sleeping bags for the toys using Play-Doh. Daddy Pig also doesn’t pick a camping site with a fire pit, so they make a fire pit out of playdough as well. All you need to make the play-doh sleeping bags and play doh fire are a play dough knife, roller and 6 cans of play-doh. Peppa Pig is a cartoon character on the BBC and Nickelodeon Nick Jr full length episodes Peppa Pig TV show.This Peppa Pig family figurine video with Barbie Kelly vintage 1990s park playset is made by the DisneyCarToys channel with the voicing help of ToysReviewToys.

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Song Title: Get Outside

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