Play-Doh Poppin’ Movie Snacks Popcorn Play Doh Movie Treats Popsicle Hot Dog Fries Ice Cream

Published on May 16, 2018

Play Doh Popping Movie Snacks set where you can make your own Play-Doh movie treats like popcorn, candy, ice cream, popsicles, hot dogs, soda, french fries, ice cream cones, licorice and more. It’s a movie theater concessions stand with a poppin’ popcorn machine. DisneyCarToys makes a huge bucket of play dough popcorn but make sure not to spill your Play Doh pop-corn. This Playdoh Poppin’ Movie Snacks set comes with 5 cans of play-doh, a play doh extruder for making fast food, play doh food molds, a playdough ice cream mold, popsicle mold, and a movie theater concessions mat.

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