Play Doh vs Moon Dough ★★★ Burgers Diner ★★★ PlayDough McDonalds Fries Dough Food by DisneyCarToys

Published on August 14, 2019

DisneyCarToys Play Doh vs Moon Dough Diner with Clay Hamburgers, McDonalds Play Doh Fries, Pie and Soda. This is another Moon Dough vs Play-Doh toy video by DisneyCarToys channel but this time with the Moon Dough playset Diner. With the burger builder diner you can mold Moon Dough and Play Doh burgers at a turn of a crank. Using the Moon Dough molds we make french fries, soda and play doh pie. DisneyCarToys dresses up the play-doh fast food french fries and soda drink by adding a McDonalds golden arch letter M to the french fries to make them look like McDonals Play Doh fries.

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Music for this Play Doh video is from YouTube audio library song Locally Sourced.

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