QHGC Baby Bathroom Toys, When in Warm Water Change Color and Have an Interactive Fishing net to Capture Marine Animals. Marine Animals 12 Months + (7 Pieces) …

Published on February 19, 2019

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Get rid of the worries of children crying in the shower, this specially designed baby shower toy can make children fall in love with water The marine animal setting game, the four functions are as follows:
1: Squeeze water (octopus, shark, starfish, you can squeeze the water column to let the children like it.)

2: Squeeze the sound (the cute little turtle is equipped with a BIBI sounder at the bottom, the child can make a sound by pinching the body of the small animal, which is fun and interesting.)

3: Hot water discoloration (cute little octopus and starfish, when placed in water with a water temperature higher than 35 degrees, the whole body will change from orange to yellow, the image is very interesting, very attractive to children.)

4: Fishing nets (a vivid shark fishing net, you can add some fun in the bath, interact with the children to fish, increase parent-child feelings)💙100% EDIBLE MATERIALS FOR BABY(Non-toxic)! – bath time fishing set is made of durale material conform to environmental protection standards and pass EN71R TEST, Pvc animals are more soft than plastic one, and with no edg cannot hurt baby’s delicate skin.
💙BABY BATH TOYS, BABY MARINE TOYS – six colorful marine animals, and accessories with fishing nets, let children feel the joy of fishing,Squeezing marine animals can spray water and emit a horn sound that allows the child to interact with you while taking a bath.
💙CHANGING COLOR IN HOT WATER – put little cute octopus and starfish into hot water, they will change orange color to yellow color in 30 seconds,more creative.
💙 BABY EDUCATION – It can promote the development of thinking and the habit of practice, so that children can see marine animals during the bath.
💙MARINE ANIMAL SET, ACCESSORIES – 1* fishing net 6* marine animals (octopus, starfish, whale, sea lion, turtle, shark)