Sarcastic Child: 10 Positive Parenting Tips

Published on December 2, 2015

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Sarcastic Child: 10 Positive Parenting Tips
A sassy sarcastic child might say:
“Do it yourself.”
“Oh, sure.”
“Give me a break.”
“Get a life.”
“Thanks a lot!”
Signs of rude behavior might include a:
Rolling eyes
Folded Arms
Arched eyebrows
Next you’ll find 10 practical parenting tips for dealing with sarcastic behavior.
1. Respect yourself. Tell yourself, “I don’t deserve this.”
2. Avoid modeling sarcasm in your family or you’ll get more sassiness. Speak with respect.
3. Don’t accept sass from your child. Her classmates won’t accept it either.
4. Picture her life with a sarcastic personality. She’ll hurt others and be left alone.
5. Your love is the answer. Make a decision to help your child.
6. Take action. Stop the sass.
7. Name the sass. Say, “That was sassy.”
8. Tell your sassy child exactly what to do. “Repeat what you said with respect.”
9. Never accept rude behavior or you’ll get more of it.
10. Help him because you love him. Be kind but firm. Say “No!” to the sass.
Read this poem with your child.
Sassy Isn’t Classy
A boy named Tyler Tanners
Had such sarcastic manners.
“Get a life,” he told his dad.
People said, “This boy is bad.”

One by one his friends left him.
Lonely now, his life looked grim.
‘Dude, you’re rude,’ he told himself.
Then appeared a wise old elf.

Tyler Tanners felt unglued.
“I can’t change from acting rude.”
“Yes you can,” replied the elf.
Then he jumped off Tyler’s shelf.

“Listen to my helpful tips.
Control your thoughts. Watch your lips.
Choose to speak with nicer manners,
Then you’ll be liked, Tyler Tanners.”

Tyler tried the elf’s advice.
Kids liked Tyler. He was nice.
No longer acting bold and brassy,
Tyler Tanners stopped being sassy.

Why? Because sassy isn’t classy!

For another powerful way to promote good manners –
Use this cartoon guide to manners to help your children:
Recognize bad manners.

Discuss the cartoon characters problems.
Give positive problem-solving suggestions.
Practice each story’s helpful advice

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