Secrets to Credit Repair, Credit Building, & Credit Management

Published on February 13, 2019

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Secrets to Credit Repair, Credit Building, and Credit Management DVD is loaded with visual instructions, tips, and techniques to first educate you on the art of Do-It-Yourself credit repair and then the technique of actually repairing your credit. It is one of a collection of easy to use credit repair tools available at such as the credit repair kit which is also a must have for someone serious about getting perfect credit. The DVD is very user-friendly and gives you a common sense view of the whole process. It’s loaded with references and even clips of videos directly from the Federal Trade Commission and CBS Specials. This video was originally a VHS produced in 2002. Of course, with all the help people needed back then too, the VHS had quickly sold out. It was recently converted to DVD in 2009. So, even though the quality of the video reflects one that was made that long ago (back in the day), the quality of the content is still of high standards today. Because this DVD provides 85 minutes of comprehensive information not just on credit repair, but also on family budgeting, credit counseling, overdraft protection, and so much more, it is still in high demand today.