Shock Toys Advent CALENDAR DisneyCarToys 24 Days of Christmas Barbie Lego Shopkins Polly Pocket one

Published on August 2, 2017

Advent Calendar Toys with Barbie, Shopkins, Lego Good friends, Disney Princess Chocolate and Polly Pocket Advent Calendars with DisneyCarToys Sandra and Marvel superhero Spiderman for our 24 Days of Christmas Series. This is working day one of 24. Every single working day, our toy channel unboxes 5 new surprises from our Barbie introduction calendar, Shopkins reindeer, Lego Good friends mini determine box, Disney Princess chocolate candy box and Polly Pocket playset dress up introduction calendar.

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This video options a DisneyCarToys 24 Days of Christmas with 5 distinctive Advent Calendars with Toys and Sweet being opened each and every working day.

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