Special Report: Solving America’s Student Debt Crisis!: The only real solution to the $1.52 Trillion debt accumulation

Published on February 13, 2019

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This book offers the only real solution to the $1.52 Trillion debt accumulation

The President in simple terms netted out the student debt crisis from both a student and parent perspective: “They go, and they work, and they take loans, and they’re borrowed up, and they can’t breathe, and they get through college and the worst thing is, they go through that whole process and they don’t have any job.” Trump has it right, and worse than that, when the US system hurts them, our best and brightest lose hope.

Many have excoriated the Obama Administration and government and coffee-breath professors who teach nothing, for making it worse for college graduates. They all make money on the student loan program. Trump says: “You know the one program that the U.S. makes a whole lot of money with is student loans, and that’s maybe the one program they shouldn’t be making money with… “So, we’re going to have to start a program,” he said. “We’re going to do something very big with loans because you have to get these people going. They really feel down and out.”

Donald J. Trump is right. Yet he is the only president who has even talked about solving America’s problem with rip-off loan sharks and a government that makes big money off the backs of student borrowers. Ironically, the man willing to help is hated by the very young Americans that he speaks about helping.

College graduates and those former students not fortunate enough to complete their degrees need all the help they can get to claw their way out of huge college debt. Your author as a professor and as a father understands student debt. He feels the pain of America’s indebted young adults. Kelly has intellectually analyzed the plight and the torment felt by today’s millennials. Besides recommending a great solution and a do-again, this book also examines other ways to solve the problem including refinancing, extending, and providing better payment plans as well as getting universities to put some skin in the game.

This book addresses the massive $1.52 Trillion student debt already on the books and it presents a boldly unique plan to assure that students with loans have a chance of success with a job in their field of study. Isn’t it about time? This book tells you how it can be done. You won’t be able to put this book down before you know what you can do to help those with student debt be able to afford homes and start families and live the life of real Americans and not indentured servants.