Stability Transfer Q&A with Martin Lewis

Published on February 24, 2017

Slash the expense of your existing borrowing by transferring your high interest credit score card financial debt to a % credit score card. It’s simple to do and you could save £100s or £1,000s. Examine the tutorial: score-playing cards/equilibrium-transfer-credit score-playing cards
Martin Lewis answers issues surrounding matters such as:
Whats the finest way to slash the costs of my money owed? (Stability transfer definition) :19
Tips for switching to a decrease interest credit score card with lousy financial debt :50
Can I use a equilibrium transfer card to shell out off my financial institution loan? (Tremendous Stability Transfer) 1:50
If I get turned down how very long ought to I wait around to reapply? two:thirty
Can I shell out on a equilibrium transfer card? three:07
is it well worth introducing my credit score card money owed on to my property finance loan? three:forty eight
If you have experienced a card in the past, when do you rely as a new customer 4:50
Do corporations at any time prolong equilibrium transfer delivers? five:04
Should you shell out off your credit score card or shell out far more than the regular monthly minimum amount repayment and preserve your cost savings? five:17
Will it go versus me if I apply for far more % playing cards now that mine is ending? five:forty six
Can my daughter shift her credit score card financial debt to a equilibrium transfer card in my name? 6:22
Can I see what my credit score limit will be? 6:37
Can i shift credit score card balances among banking companies to get % on my money owed? 6:52
will distinctive playing cards mean distinctive minimum amount repayments 7:24
Is it feasible to request a card for equilibrium transfer only? 7:33