The Bad Credit Survival Guide: 100+ Tips For: Surviving & Thriving With Bad Credit, Reducing Debt, and Raising Your Credit Score Fast! (Empowerment Series Book 2)

Published on June 13, 2018

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The American economy revolves around credit, and a low credit score or negative credit report can be
very damaging to our economic and social well-being. Our credit rating directly impacts the financial
mechanisms needed to survive, including the ability to buy or rent a home, obtain a new business
loan, purchase a new car, get emergency loans and in some cases, secure a good job.

Bad credit can result from:
•• A lack of solid financial management & budgeting
•• Flaws in financial decision-making
•• Lack of monetary education & guidance
•• Unforeseen job loss or medical illness
•• Insurmountable debt
•• Identity theft or fraud… and more!

If you’ve been impacted by one or more of these circumstances don’t worry,
you’re not alone! It’s reported that approximately one third of all Americans
has what is considered poor credit, or no credit, and potential lenders
view such cases as risks and liabilities. Falling into one of these categories
means you’ll most likely find yourself paying sky high interest rates, and
tons more in additional fees, large deposits or down payments. At
worst, you’ll get flat out credit denials which can be not only discouraging,
but a major waste of time and effort.

If you’ve experienced one or more of these frustrating instances due to bad
credit, we have solutions for you!
Our BAD CREDIT SURVIVAL GUIDE will dispel the many misconceptions
about how credit works and give you the inside track regarding the most
optimal and most affordable credit practices. Our resource guide contains
show you how to best THRIVE under your current credit circumstances (no
matter where you stand) and IMPROVE your credit score once and for all!

You Really Can Fix Your Credit!
In this book. you’ll find the best places to check your score for free, which factors are impacting
your credit right now, how to reduce your debt, where to find credit counseling assistance, and
other useful tips. Plus, we’ll even show you how to obtain credit approvals for new