Time Out for Children – How to use Time-Out, 1 of 3 (SOS Programs)

Published on October 14, 2008

This video demonstrates and teaches effective time-out skills and how to avoid common time-out mistakes. If you make several time-out mistakes, time-out is not expected to work.Learn to avoid time-out mistakes. “SOS Help For Parents” in book, video KIT, and audio CD teach over 20 behavior management methods, including time-out, for handling 46 different problem behaviors.

https://www.sosprograms.com/parentshome See the book for this video.

https://www.sosprograms.com/parentsvi… Counselors and educators – see the Video KIT for this video.
The complete KIT and discussion Video Leader’s Guide include syllabus, SOS Help For Parents book, free downloadable handouts, and 42 exercises for helping parents to help children to grow out of behavioral and emotional problems.

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