Why are We TRAPPED in This PHYSICAL BODY? (Reason Behind Our Limited Physical Existence)

Published on December 29, 2018

Indian yogi and Self-realized Master Swami Sivananda explains how one can break the bond of Samsara (cycle of birth and death) and become a Jivanmukta or liberated sage. If you find this video helpful to you or if you think this advice will help someone you know, please share it and SUBSCRIBE to get latest video updates: youtube.com/supremeyogi

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About Swami Sivananda Saraswati:
Swami Sivananda (1887–1963) was one of the great Self-realized masters of India. He was a prince among men, a jewel among saints. Service and love were the weapons he used to conquer the hearts of men.
Swami Sivananda did not found a new religion, nor did he develop any new rules of ethics and morality. Instead, he helped the Hindu become a better Hindu, the Christian a better Christian, the Muslim a better Muslim. There was an enduring power in Swami Sivananda – in his thoughts, his words and his deeds. He was the divine power of truth, purity, love and service.

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Source credit:
‘All About Hinduism’ by Swami Sivananda

About this channel – ‘Supreme Yogi’:
The word “Supreme” represent the ‘highest Truth’ (our inner Self or God or the Source of creation) that we all are seeking, and the word “Yogi” means one who attained union with that ‘highest Truth’ through years of spiritual discipline or sadhana. Since this channel is all about the teachings of such realized yogis, it is apt to use the name “Supreme Yogi”.

Many of these great yogis lived in a time and place where there were no facilities available to record their teachings other than in written form. These valuable teachings are available only in book sources and hence this channel is a humble attempt to spread some of these hidden teachings to modern seekers who’re searching for spiritual guidance and inspiration.

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